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Experience since 2012 in the following legal areas:

Rights disputes concerning financial claims.

• Financial claims arising from commercial attribution, whether cheques or bills of exchange.

• Financial claims arising out of various types of trade agreements, whether they be commercial agency contracts, leases, agreements, etc.

• Financial claims for damages.

• Financial claims relating to labour rights.

• Financial claims relating to banks.

• Financial claims arising from construction contracts, contractors and real estate and investment projects.

• Financial claims for damages, whether based on insurance contracts, assault on property, breach of contractual obligations or defects in sales or damage resulting from bodily harm.

• Rights disputes over real estate are divided into two major and important parts: real estate and land in the Palestinian territories and in the Jordanian territories. There is sufficient legal experience and expertise to extract and resolve the problems of registration bonds for land plots in the beloved State of Palestine.

• Remove the prevalence in real estate and lift the assault on any property.
The claimant claims compensation for the ownership or devaluation of real property and land vis-à-vis the owner or the attacker.

• Nullification of sales contracts, restitution of real estate and stabilization of ownership.

• Wage eviction and real estate recovery lawsuits.

• Registration and legal management of companies of various kinds, regulation of legal personnel, organization of meetings with various objectives, liquidation of companies and banking and tax transactions of such companies.

• Regulation of contracts of domestic and international types, in Arabic, English and Turkish.

• Administration of real estate and real estate investments through supervision of commercial real estate and monitoring of rental, tenants, alterations, vacations, recoveries, claims for damages, tax follow-up and regulatory returns.

• Follow-up to companies operating abroad and give legal advice according to the special laws of the State itself or international law.

Practice Area
Real estate and construction
Work and Employment
Corporate and commercial
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