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Founding partner – named partner
Experience in law and arbitration since 1999 in various legal fields, including:
First: Department of Legal Affairs:

⦁ The Department of Legal Affairs of companies , their registration within and outside Jordan ( the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan), the organization of personnel matters, the minutes of meetings, the liquidation of companies, the preparation of labor regulations for companies and employment charters, as well as labor claims.
⦁ The Legal Administration of Real Estate, Commercial and Residential Enterprises, including rents, evictions, wage claims, the lifting of attacks on real estate and the follow-up of tax entitlements and regulatory returns.
⦁ Organization and preparation of international trade agreements of various types, whether trade agency contracts, leases, agreements or other related claims.
⦁ Organization and supervision of construction contracts, contracts, real estate and investment projects and related claims.
⦁ Regulation of the inheritance of persons in order to protect individuals and their heirs and to divide the inheritance with the consent of the heirs in order to avoid any delay or judicial disputes.

Second, financial and real estate claims and disputes, with a success rate of 97%.

⦁ corporate and personal financial cases and claims in arbitration and local and territorial dispute resolution cases.
⦁ corporate cases, appeals relating to meeting records and claims of removal of a partner from the company and others.
⦁ Financial cases and claims for wage evacuation, wage claims and real estate restitution.
⦁ Financial issues and claims relating to bank contracts, documentary credit, bank guarantees, mortgages and personal loans and related claims.
⦁ Financial cases and claims relating to the removal of the prevalence of real estate (division) and the removal of the assault on any property.
⦁ Financial cases and claims relating to claims for compensation for ownership or depreciation of real property and land vis-à-vis the owner or the attacker.
⦁ Inheritance and commonality issues and financial claims.
⦁ Financial issues and claims relating to contracts, international shipping claims, commercial agencies and international trade.
⦁ Financial issues and claims relating to commercial attribution, whether cheques or bills of exchange.
⦁ Financial cases and claims relating to compensation for breaches of domestic and international obligations and engagements.
⦁ Financial cases and claims relating to avoidance of sales contracts, restitution of real estate and stabilization of ownership.

Third, criminal cases (crimes) and a success rate of 97%.

⦁ Defense in criminal cases, including (dishonesty, embezzlement, cybercrime, arson, fraud, robberies, abuse, murder, attempted murder) and all offences.
⦁ Financial cases and claims for damages, whether based on an assault on property or persons.

Practice Area
Real estate and construction
Work and Employment
Corporate and commercial
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