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Othman Law Firm

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Kamal Abhari


Experience since 2012 in the following legal areas:

First, enforcement of foreign judgements:

“Foreign governance in the form of implementation” in terms of providing comprehensive and comprehensive advice on all foreign governance and its consequences, and submitting requests for the implementation of such provisions in all States that have treaties or agreements with almost in Jordan (the Hashemite Kingdom)  or within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Second, penal cases:

This is done by providing advice, representation and prosecution to all competent authorities and at all levels, and by following up on the legal consequences of such cases and judgements, either in the criminal courts, major criminal courts, the State Security Court, the juvenile court, etc.

Third, companies:

To provide legal, administrative and accounting advice to all types of companies and institutions in cooperation with the main auditing offices inside and outside Jordan and in the procedures for the establishment and registration of such companies with the competent authorities.

Fourth, financial claims:

Follow up and provide legal and financial advice and bring proceedings before the courts and competent authorities in respect of all financial claims, including: labor claims, securities transactions and commercial real estate.

Practice Area
Real estate and construction
Work and Employment
Corporate and commercial
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